What is a Peplum?

Peplum is a short, gathered, slightly flared strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s blouse, jacket, skirt or dress.

"Why in the world would I ever want to add extra fabric near my hips and intentionally accentuate them?!”

This is the most common peplum misconception. The truth is a strategically placed peplum can redefine your natural body shape into the ideal hourglass (aka. equally proportioned) shape.

Got full hips? No worries! Weirdly, the peplum actually attracts attention away from your hips (and full bosoms, if you have those too). Got no hips? It works great on you too, because the peplum gives the illusion of hips on your particular body type. Got a thick waistline? Problem solved! The peplum in fact draws the eye inward and gives the illusion of a cinched waist.

The most flattering length for a peplum is approximately 2” below your hip bones.

Here’s what to pair with your peplums (as shown above):

  1. Top: Pair with tapered pants, skinny jeans, or a narrow pencil skirt.
  2. Skirt: Wear with a fitted, tucked-in top.
  3. Dress: Must fit snug, especially at the waist. Plus, make sure skirt portion is the traditional pencil shape. Select moderately thick shoe heels.

The peplum is a trendy trend and its popularity will fade fast. But do give it a try. It’s fun and lends dynamism to your professional appearance.

Unfortunately, so many of us are still reluctant to attract attention to ourselves, even though we know it can be a key to our success! Peplum is like your favorite ‘Auntie Mame,’ pushing you into the spotlight in spite of your fears, knowing you can handle it with authority. It is a bold style – and that’s the beauty of the peplum! It encourages you to be confidently visible…to be seen (and to be heard)!

Have I convinced you to give the peplum trend a try this season? If so, will you let yourself experiment with a top, skirt, dress (or jacket).

Article Courtesy : https://www.corporatefashionista.com/2012/03/the-hidden-power-of-the-peplum/