Are ruffles only for the runway? Not anymore! We have seen ruffles make its way from to Runway to Real Life and look like its here to stay!

Originating in the 50s, the word ruffle comes from the German word ‘ruffelen’ which means to disturb the original plain texture of something when the cloth curls up. Seen in a lot of costume clothing, ruffles were worn by both men and women in the early years. Eventually, we saw them mostly on Runway Clothing. Now, ruffles are the hottest trend in town!

Ruffles are real, modern & so romantic and are no longer just a super fancy princess thing. They also look super chic and effortless blowing along on a breezy Spring day when you’re about to get boujee on a boat, walking down the boardwalk, or just stepping out in the city. Point is, they add a little something #extra to any outfit.

When it comes to showing some ruffle all season, you always have the option of wearing it low key or going full-on frill seeker. You’ll be surprised how many ways you can wear ruffle clothing, so here’s some serious inspiration taken from the breezy runways to real life with looks you can shop right now!